'The inaugural Fast Anchor Film Festival (Saturday, February 4th) was everything its organisers could have hoped for and more; so high was the standard, so compelling the productions and so full the theatre.

Indeed, to sell out the Savoy in Heaton Moor was testament to a project that promised much and delivered abundantly, and there could be few better locations for such an event. An audience captivated by the variety and intensity of the films on offer did so in a venue that offered both atmospheric intimacy and vintage style; a surround-sound immersion in cinematic artistry combined with the comforts of luxurious seats and marshmallow-soft sofas.

Each film took the viewer into a different world; from a post-apocalyptic Lake District to a toy factory with a deliciously

wicked revelation, from the unravelling of family secrets in a Brighton bedroom to unresolved grief on the prairies of Canada. Much of the material was dark, with death a frequent companion, yet it offered a combination even the most discerning audience would have no complaints about.

For the connoisseur, there was the opportunity to admire the skills of directorship, the quality of the acting and the lofty technical standard of the camerawork. For the lay viewer, there was the capture of imaginations; for here lay the quality that makes a good short film - each of them a snapshot, a snippet of the lives of the characters, yet prompting a myriad of unasked and unanswered questions about how these situations arose...'

- CHARLES BRITTEN (audience member 2017)